A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

My submission to Ludum Dare #42. Following all compo constraints except time limit. Not completed, but still playable. Maybe I'll post a post-mortem about the experience.

You're a memory manager! Put in charge of a new memory cell, mint condition, ready to place all those incoming bits. Try to fit everything as packed as possible, we don't want our memory to be defragged, aren't we?

- Left click on the incoming packages (left) and place them in the main grid (center)
- Right click while holding a piece to rotate it.
Left click on the incoming requests (right) and fulfill them in the main grid (center)


Oh Sh*t! v0.5 for Linux 10 MB
Oh Sh*t! v0.5 for Windows 9 MB
Oh Sh*t! v0.5 for MacOSX 22 MB
Oh Sh*t! v0.6 for Windows 9 MB

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